It's about the experience

Do you remember the first time you enjoyed Alameda Soda? Of course, you do! And if you haven't it's time to try one.

Our craft small batch soda is made for people like you. Those of us who enjoy the experience of great food, close friends and atmosphere– out in our communities.

Made w/Real Sugar

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Made in Small Batches

Freshly made for local select distribution

100% Gluten Free

Wheat and grain-free beverages

Pouring craft soda near you

Bottles and Cans take away from the experience

That's why we offer you local craft beverage in fountain at your local hangouts. Packaged beverages at home just feels wrong. Enjoy the Alameda Soda experience.

Enjoy Alameda Soda anywhere, and anytime


with Ramen by the countryside

Cable Car Lemon Lime

with a lemon wedge while outdoor dining

Alameda Point Unsweetened Iced Tea

over an inviting Bay Area pool

Alameda Point Unsweetened Iced Tea

over an inviting Bay Area pool

Hangar 25 Cola

with a yummy local cheeseburger

Places where you can find Alameda Soda

Cocktail Bars

Fast Casual

Independent Restaurants


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1951 Monarch St, Hangar 200, Alameda, CA 94501

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